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Why do the British not feel European?



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September 2011:  Defending girls’
champion Yi-Chen Liu is targeting an unprecedented three consecutive
Faldo Series titles when she heads to Lough Erne Resort in Northern
Ireland for the Europe Grand Final on September 12-14.  The Taiwanese star is one of two
Asians in the field.

I spent a year living in an internationaldormitoryin China, with
students from all over the world. “Birds of a feather flock together”,
as they say. Of all the various categorisations that could be made based
on the way people formed their groups, the most obvious collections

from Chinese Taipei followed her victory in the girls’ division at Lough
Erne last year with a win in the Asia Grand Final at Mission Hills Golf
Club in China in March.  The
18-year-old also finished runner-up to the overall boys’ champion in
both events.


really looking forward to Lough Erne and the chance to make some Faldo
Series history,” said Liu, who would become the first player, boy or
girl, to win three Grand Finals in a row.  “Last year I learned so much from Sir
Nick Faldo and made many new friends, so I’m excited to be going

Westerners – (European and American mainly)

Chadha of India will head the Asian challenge in the boys’
division.  Chadha from Chandigarh
was crowned Faldo Series Asia champion at Mission Hills in March and the
20-year-old will be making his debut in the European final at Lough


record total of 81 of the world’s top young golfers will join Faldo at
Lough Erne on September 12-14 for the fifteenth edition of the Europe
Grand Final.  17 different
countries from across Europe, South America and Asia will be represented
by players who follow the Faldo Series road travelled by past winners
Rory McIlroy and Yani Tseng.

East Asians – (Thailand, Korea, Japan, Vietnam)

from 17 Faldo Series Europe tournaments in 11 different countries, plus
the Asian champions, will spend time with and learn from Faldo at Lough
Erne in County Fermanagh as the six-time Major Champion passes on his
unique experiences from playing at the highest level.


will play over three rounds on the Faldo Course for the title of Faldo
Series Europe champion and a start in a professional Tour event.  Trophies will be awarded to winners
of five age-categories, three for boys and two for girls, all of whom
will be exempt for the Asia Grand Final in China in March 2012.

South Asians – (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan)

in 1996, 35 Faldo Series tournaments now take place in 25 countries
worldwide with more than 5,000 golfers participating each year.


by The R&A, the European Tour and Lough Erne Resort, the Faldo Series
Europe schedule covers England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Czech
Republic, Russia, Greece, The Netherlands, Brazil, Germany and
Slovakia.  The Faldo Series Asia
visits a further 13 countries, including five tournaments in mainland
China, and is backed by The R&A, ISPS, Mission Hills and UFL.

Middle-easterners/Arabic – (Iran, Yemen etc)



Slavic/Central Asian – (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc)


People really do gravitate into groups based on ethnic and cultural
identity. At that time, I knew more than ever that I was a European. The
way I as a Brit acted, thought was entirely in tune with the Europeans I
spent time with.


I am definitely European.


Before this experience, I’ll admit I wasn’t hugely aware of this.


As to why most Brits don’t feel European, I suspect it’sbecause of the
rather large stretch of water that separates us from the mainland. So
Brits not identifying as European is quite a standard phenomenon, I


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Why do the British not feel European?


I am answering the question from a purely personal view. First I regard
myself as “English” not British. Secondly I do not feel European as
Europe is “abroad”. I have been there, Germany, Austria, France, but not
since 1961.


However the question! – Europe is other countries, other languages,
other histories Interesting but different. I do not feel any connection
with these other countries, and certainly do not feel part of any group
or association of other countries.


Living a quiet life in a rural part of England, I do not have much
contact with citizens of other countries. I do not dislike them or
object to them, they simply do not impact on my life.


It is the same with Europe, I know it’s there, know a reasonable amount
about it, but have absolutely no contact with it.